Exercise: my muscles are frickin sore!

Wow. A little exercise really does wonders. I mean seriously, I can’t believe how I feel! I had upped my exercise regime from sloth (very little exercise which got my heart pumping) to being a little more serious this week and already I have: more energy, a more positive outlook, and the the ability to deal with stress better. What the hell, I knew all that but liked to ignore it.

What I am doing is P90X which I borrowed from a friend. This means I am trying to stick to the exercise regime of about an hour a day. My muscles are pretty sore right now but I am pushing forward as best I can. I couldn’t really even finish yesterdays workout which was a lot of jumping around (I think I looked pretty silly). I also have to work it around my son interrupting a lot which makes it interesting.

I started 2 days ago and have been finding my evenings much easier. I actually have energy in the evenings to do things rather than being completely exhausted lying on the couch. I also crave my evening glass of wine less, another good thing. Instead of putting my butt on the couch never to move again as soon as the boy is asleep I had the energy to do the dishes and even mow our tiny front lawn.

So my former exercise of a 40 min. walk 3 times a week wasn’t cutting it. Darn. Still have to do the dog walks, but also now need to focus on my health too. Am determined to feel at least a little better about myself in a bathing suit this year. And losing that last 10 pounds from baby wouldn’t hurt either. I won’t get into size 4 jeans anytime soon (this directed at my skinny sister in law) which I am ok with, I just want to feel good in my clothes again.

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