(Shamefaced) Spring spending is off course (of course)

The cool news: I am sitting on a BC Ferry blogging. This means I have internet which is very very cool. And about time! I have been doing a work commute for years on the ferry and have wished for this day to come. As I understand it not all boats have it, but this one does. Yay!

I am on my way back to my parents after a day in Vancouver. I miss my boy. I have not seen him at all today except to whisper goodbye at 5:30 am, and I can’t wait to hear about his day.

Ok. The bad news: oh the spring spending is upon us. I have anticipated the spending, and yet here we are. My husband is away on a golf trip. (I think I mentioned this already). He took the $366 I had saved up as his spending money but I have no damn doubt he will go over.
And I bought a new dress ($50) for our weekend party this weekend with family. We will be spending on 1 night hotel ($120), pedicures, tea at the Empress Hotel and my goodness I am sure there will be more spending.
The part of me wanting to pay off more debt is just mortified. I feel out of control. We are not sticking to a budget already this month.
But now I am going to let it go. Why? Because I have to to survive. I am not letting my goals of debt repayment go, I am going to let some guilt go because I have enough stress in my life.
Should we not shared this fabulous family weekend for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday? Hell no, I think it is the first time in years all of my husband’s siblings will have been together at one time. Man it is going to be special. I probably shouldn’t have bought the dress, but I don’t clothes shop regularly and I am going to look pretty sweet (not sweet and cute, I mean suhweeet!).
Should my husband have said no to his brother who paid for a trip to Palm Springs. Well no, he shouldn’t have. His brother is slaving away in frigid Alberta, away from family and friends and his brother is one of his best buds in the world. Some nights when there is a hockey game on the two of them sit on their blackberries texting each other for hours (like teenage girls I tease).
So suck it Debt, I know you will have lots to say this month and next when I do my financial summary but I am doing my best. I will accept my blame, but I am moving on.

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