Sigh.. the drama

I agreed to do some contract work for the person I had quit (not successfully apparently) on last month. I suck, I can’t say no easily. Already I swear my blood pressure has soared and I am pulling out my hair on a Friday evening over a bunch of emails trying to schedule a meeting. The final result (without my input in the end because I wasn’t monitoring my emails closely enough) was 7:30 am next week.

Anyone with a toddler and working husband who leaves for work at 6:30 am knows this isn’t going to work. Really? A meeting with a toddler in the background. Oh the joys of working from home. I have no daycare at that time of morning, my parents live an hour away, it just is, well to be childish, stupid.

Thank god for wine, it is making my heart slow down and my feelings of calmness return at least a little.

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