Spending under control?

I think I have got things a bit more under control around here. I think :)

After our lovely but extravagant weekend last weekend I have been pouring money onto credit cards and trying to make up for  our expenses. I have too many damn cards. I have about $1600 left on one card and am considering using my line of credit to pay it off and then close the account. I don’t use the card, I don’t even have an active card for the account, so I have weaned myself of using it, and now I just want it gone!

Trouble is we need more money coming in. I am working at my max, we just need my husband to be back at work either welding (no jobs yet from his union this year) or with forestry (bad weather is keeping him home). Sigh. I hate this time of year and every year we are playing a waiting game waiting for him to be back at work. This year we are not pinched like last year because of my income, thank goodness. Last year was tough because I was without consulting work. So although I don’t love my work, and at times feel stressed and conflicted by it, at least it is work. Good to remember.

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