Ta Da! 1 Credit Card Cancelled!

Oh yes baby I did it! I called and cancelled Credit Card 1 of 3, MBNA Mastercard. They tried to get me to stay, transferred me to the super duper nice people who try and do almost anything to get you to stay on with them. They told me they had recently offered to reduce my rate to 6.9%, and that I would not get such a good offer with them if I cancelled. They buttered me up big time.

I could here that little debt voice in the back of my head whispering “Doooooo iiiiit” go ahead, justify a new big screen tv. Dooooooo iiiiiiit. But the other voice in my head is stronger these days, and I am happier hearing the voice of reason again. The voice who is telling me to save, pay off debt, invest. I like her better, she is the old me, and I want her back. She never never ever had more than one, responsibly used credit card. I can see her down the road, but she is still a little ways off. Hello stranger! I am coming!

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