What is debt? For me, there is no one single definition that could explain the true meaning of debt. Sure enough we could go by the dictionary meaning of owing something to someone but looking at it more keenly, debt goes beyond the casual i owe you and need to pay up kind of situation. Debts have been the cause of relationship break ups, murders, suicides, crimes of violence, drug addiction, depression, poverty, rivalry and diseases.

Sometimes we find ourselves creating debts to pay up other debts. It is the typical robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of situation. So don’t be surprised when you ask me what is debt and i tell you that debts are like drugs because once you start having them, they just never want to end. Today you use marijuana, tomorrow it is cocaine and the next day you are on crystal meth. Same story with debts; today you have a financial debt, tomorrow it’s an emotional debt and the next day it is a medical debt. With drugs, each new drug you use has worse effects than the last and i need not say that a new debt is worse than an old one.

In other situations, debts drain us of our everything; financially, emotionally, physically and even mentally. So when we ask what is debt, I can tell you that debt is a parasite and just like a parasite drains everything from its host, debts mercilessly take everything we got. Like parasites, debts have no emotions such that at one point they will let you breathe for a while. Two years ago, a man was living the American dream, living life on the fast lane. He was driving in fancy cars, wore fancy clothing, ate in fancy restaurants and traveled to all the states we read about in books but two years down the line and he is living in the basement of his mother’s apartment in Texas. Why? Because the parasite didn’t spare him even a penny.

What is debt?

Debt is a separator. It comes between us and those closest to us. I have witnessed family break ups and crumbling marriages because of debts. Funny how the sweetest things in life never seem to last for long no matter how bad we want them to. Her name was Joy ad everyone had agreed that just like her name, she would have a joyous marriage fl of bliss and happiness but the separator had a different plan all together. When she had accumulated debts and her husbands couldn’t take it, he left roses on their doorstep with a note saying that he couldn’t take it anymore. The other one was Stacy who took a loan from her father in law. She was certain that she would pay up in time but her broken marriage is there to prove that she might have overstayed a little too much.

What is debt?

We need not torment our brains looking for the perfect answer because the media has shown us that debt is a murderer. How many times have we switched on the television or read in the newspapers that people have committed suicide because they couldn’t clear their debts on time. When I was eight, i watched them kill my father because he couldn’t pay up the fifty dollars he owed. I was under the dinning table but i still saw how they beat him up like a common criminal. I would have screamed except that daddy had warned me before their arrival not to make a sound.

For countless nights, i sat coiled on my bed asking myself what is debt until the answer came looking for me. Debt is a liar and a backstabber. It will tell you that everything will be okay in due course that you needn’t worry about the distant future but the debts soon turn on you like a vampire. The story of Sarah Jameson was all over social media about how she loved a boy and left her family for him. She knew or thought she knew this guy until she actually knew him but by then it was too late. She had spent a lot of his cash and debt had told her it was okay since he was her boyfriend but with a butchered up body of Sarah floating on the Mississippi and a tattoo on her hand saying “she couldn’t pay it up” i think it is safe to say that debt is a cheat.

All these explanations of debt, however can’t explain why a born again christian girl started doing drugs all of a sudden because she couldn’t overcome guilt of a debt she supposedly owed. Saddest pat of the story is that it was not money or property she owed, instead she felt that she owed God for having given into the temptation of fornication. So in this scenario when i ask what is debt, i think debt is a mental disorder. It may not be in my position to judge but a sin such as fornication could surely be forgiven by repentance but since the mental disorder took over a young girl’s mind I think that debt loosens some nuts in people’s brains. That is why a formerly sane person could run mad without notice all because of a debt.

However, i cannot go on criticizing debt because it has a bright side to it. Many business opportunities have been founded by debts, many relationships were brought together by debts and many successes have been made based on debts. My grandma for instance met my grandpa because of depths. Even these elderly people do have fascinating stories about their meetings. Apparently my grandpa paid out a debt that grandma owed and that was the beginning of a relationship that would eventually bring forth my mother and I. So in truth, sometimes when people ask what debt is, we should raise our chins and say that debt, like a cord, unites.

I could use all the nouns and adjectives to describe debt but i could sum it all up in a two words; debt is a friendly monster.

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